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The Happiness Secret

‘I’m so happy!’ – You’ve heard it or said it a million times and it really does mean that temporarily you may be elated with an item or a situation, but what is the deeper meaning of happiness and how can you set yourself up to be consistently ‘happy’?

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Redefining your Resolutions

Level Up Your New Year’s Resolutions! Resolving to make better decisions around sustainability and human connection has an overflow effect on your personal well-being and you’re helping others at the same time.

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Myth-busting the Holiday Season

The formula for a great summer break is in your hands and everyone’s plans and tactics will be different however, here are some situations where we can feel like we don’t have a choice. Remember, you always have a choice and to make your summer holidays as smooth as a…

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Your Guide to Summer Sustainable Entertaining

Party season has arrived, and the possibility for excess everything from packaging to food is a trap we can easily fall into – but with a bit of forward planning and mindfulness applied to your party preps, you can create a get-together that is memorable and sustainable.

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