Your Starter Pack to Indoor Plants

Calling all serotonin seekers! We’ve found one of the best ways to lift your mood, cleanse your air and grow your nurturing side. The secret is in plants! Not just any plants, but specifically indoor varieties that will bring your interior spaces to life. Literally.

There’s a misconception that indoor gardening can be difficult, but with the right tools and a bit of guidance, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, there is a bit of a matrix to work through as the plant(s) you decide to adopt and love will require their own specific pots, potting mix, positioning and watering requirements but that’s where we come in!

Lift your mood instantly with this one interior element.

To get started, carve out some time to consider your environment and lifestyle; are you looking for a full-blown jungle atmosphere or a more minimalistic modern style? Whatever your vibe, there are indoor plant varieties to suit any interior design. If you’re after a coastal look, a succulent or cacti might be your plant of choice – just make sure you place them in the sunniest spot. A vintage-style home might be crying out for some lush Boston ferns or a broad-leaf Monstera.

If you work from home, you might be able to spend time nurturing the more attention-seeking varieties. For frequent flyers, robust varieties might be the way to go, like Sansevierias or a rubber tree. The demise of indoor plants usually comes from over watering or a disconnect of lifestyle and environment so choose wisely and don’t’ kill your plants with love. But always remember, if you want a daisy in a terracotta pot placed in your uber-modern apartment, absolutely no one is going to stop you, we’re all about celebrating your individual choices.

Now that you have assessed your environment, it comes down to selecting the right plant.

Beginner Growers

There are plants out there that can withstand the harshest of indoor conditions and we love them for that quality. The sculptural quality of sansevierias is impressive but that’s no match to their ability to survive with minimal care. That’s not ‘no care’ – they still need love and attention but aren’t as needy as some. Rubber plants are also ridiculously robust and can have moody dark broad leaves and impressive height to sit in a corner space of a living room or bedroom.

We couldn’t pick just one Good Pot Co Paper Pot for beginners because they are all a perfect choice and come in a colour to suit any interior – take your pick!

Intermediate Growers

Fiddle leaf figs – beautiful, large, violin-shaped leaves but they can be temperamental. These beauties love light, warmth, and humidity but can turn quickly if they are in a drafty area or you crank the heating up. Choose your position wisely for maximum growth. Vining varieties like the Swiss Cheese plant (Monstera) are relatively easy to grow given the right conditions. They can grow fast and take over, so some research in cutting and training vines might be required. However, if you love that jungle look, give them room and let them loose!

Advanced Growers

If you’ve mastered the world of indoor plants, then you might be ready to embrace what we call “high maintenance but irresistible” house plants like the beautiful Alocasia ‘Black Velvet’. It’s on everyone’s wish list and for good reason. It boasts beautiful dark, velvety leaves with attractive silver veins. BUT, coming from tropical regions, it requires more warmth and humidity that can found in most homes, so to keep it happy spritz the leaves with water regularly to increase humidity around the canopy.

The Maiden hair fern is a seventies icon that’s made a serious comeback but as beautiful as it is delicate plant demands a bit of tender loving care. The key to success is moist but well drained potting mix. If they dry out their paper-thin leaves can quickly travel first class to droop town. Investigate slow-release watering methods if you feel like you will be away from your precious plants for any length of time and remember that most ferns are humidity lovers, so they love a good bathroom setting.

And when all else fails…

The artificial plant world has progressed in leaps and bounds and there are many businesses now that provide sustainably made artificial green and coloured plants. Artificial plants can be potted in any vessel you like and require minimal care aside from a whip of a duster every now and then. Artificial plants are also brilliant if you are looking for a big impact to intermingle with your current selection of real plant beauties housed in The Good Pot Co’s paper pots range. Fabulous. We won’t tell anyone if you don’t…