What does your indoor plant say about you?

So, you’ve bought a house plant. Or maybe you’ve bought twenty. Whether there’s a lonely little cactus on your bedside table, or your living room is now a temperate rainforest, your houseplants actually reveal a lot about you. But what exactly are they saying?

Mother-in-law’s Tongue

You’re a seasoned adventurer, hardy and independent. Resilience is one of your defining traits and you’re at your best when you’re rolling with the punches… you simply need a challenge! You most likely have a well-worn Kathmandu backpack somewhere buried in your closet, stained and scratched from numerous forays overseas… and you just can’t wait to get it out again. 


You’re a bit of a perfectionist and if things aren’t just right, you might just… hey, it just has to be perfect, okay? But these tendencies mean you always look fantastic, and you’ve got your soil together. (See what we did there?) Your interior design leaves your mates quietly impressed, and much like your home, you always manage to look good at the end of a big night.


Let’s face it… you’re larger than life and you embrace it. True to your reputation, you’re a crowd favourite and you turn heads in any room. You’re probably also of the thinking that big always means better. Your favourite show of all time is Friends, and you drive a late model Golf, perfect for vibing to Doja Cat on those summer road trips.

Devils Ivy

You’ve got a ton of energy and you’re always on the go. Brunch with the girls, a zoom with a prospective client, a stroll through a gallery and a yoga class that afternoon… and that’s just a Tuesday. And, like Devils Ivy, you’re constantly growing and looking for different ways to better yourself, because if you ain’t growing, you’re dying. (Or something just as dramatic.) #yougrowgirl

Zanzibar Gem

‘Low maintenance’ describes both you and this hardy plant. Much like our friend Mother-in-law’s Tongue, you do well in challenging conditions. But you’re a little quieter about it and as a result, you’re focused. You’re all about that ‘get sh*t done’ life. You always stand up for what you believe in and you’re not reliant on a drink to take the edge off at the end of the day. 


You live by the mantra ‘keep it simple’. You prefer minimal fuss in life, and why not? Simple is classic, timeless… those Spartans had a good thing going. Your apartment features heavily on Insta and Marie Kondo would be proud of your book collection. No more than thirty, remember?


Your clothes are strewn about your room, you leave books all over your flat and you have a ton of friends. You’re wildly creative and spend weekends covered in paint, clay, or some other artsy medium. Your friends are impressed by your vivacity and sometimes, you’re a little scattered. But at the end of the day, they love you for it.

So, how did we go? One thing’s for sure, both you and your plants are awesome. But it’s always important to remember the famous adage, ‘a plant is nothing without its Good Pot Co. pot’. Right? Right.