Practice mindfulness with your favourite houseplant

Mindfulness and meditation are more common than ever… and for good reason. These practices can help manage stress, boost your attention span, and regulate your day-to-day emotions. But sometimes, it can be a little tough to get into the zone.

This is why adding a plant to the process can help keep your meditation sessions on track, creating even more calm inside and out. These are our steps for practicing mindfulness with your favourite houseplant.

Step One

Find a quiet, tranquil space. Perhaps that’s your back garden, well away from the noise of the street. Or it could be your bedroom. The space you choose is important because if there is a distraction, or the vibe is off, your mindfulness session will inevitably suffer.

Once you’ve found the perfect space, settle into a comfortable position, where you will have a clear view of your plant. That may be sitting up straight or sitting against a comfortable surface. Some cushions can come in very handy here!

Step Two

Place your favourite plant on the ground in front of you. Studies have shown that larger leaves and thick foliage are best for staying mindful and creating more feelings of relaxation.

With a soft-focus, take a long look at the leaves or fronds, losing yourself in the vibrant colours and deep greens. Follow the lines on the leaves and the delicate stems, even looking at your Good Pot Co pot will work.

If it helps you relax further, reach out and gently touch the leaves, feeling the veins and the delicate stems.

Step Three

Begin your breathing exercises slowly, getting into the perfect rhythm for true relaxation. This is where you need to ensure you’re breathing deeply with your diaphragm, and not simply with your chest.

To ensure this is the case, push your stomach out gently as you breathe, to allow the oxygen to move deeper. It can help to place your hands on your belly as you breathe, while counting slowly.

Step Four

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the meditation session. This will of course depend on which sort of meditation you’re undertaking. If you’re simply stretching or doing yoga, your eyes can remain open, while you appreciate the form of your plant. Continue your deep breathing and maintain an eye line with your plant if your eyes are open.

Step Five

Once you’ve finished your session, give your plant a little water and place it back in its regular spot, ensuring it receives enough light throughout the day. You should feel more refreshed and ready for the day (or night) ahead.

A quality meditation session can work wonders for your stress levels. Add your plant for an extra layer of mindfulness. Check out these plant homes to elevate your meditation.