6 low-maintenance houseplants that are safe for cats and dogs

If you have dogs or cats, you’ll need to think more carefully about the plants you pick for your home. Some variants can be harmful to animals if ingested, and others do not do well if they’re constantly knocked around by your clumsy canine!

These 6 plants are low-maintenance and very safe (and hardy!) for your pets, so you won’t have to worry.

Parlour Palm

The Parlour Palm is great for maintaining a relaxing vibe at home. It grows slowly, so will suit a laid back vibe! It’s also a very safe plant for your pets and will do well out of direct sunlight, with constantly moist soil. If you want a slightly more elevated look for your plant, the Prudy planter is the way to go. Available in Forest and Cloud colours, it’s the perfect pairing for your Parlour Palm.

Rattlesnake Plant

The Rattlesnake Plant is much safer than it sounds – we promise! This beauty features distinctly shaped leaves, with purple colouring on the undersides. It does very well in low-light situations and doesn’t require too much water. The foliage is durable too, meaning it won’t die right away if your cat decides it doesn’t like the look of the leaves!

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is one tough customer and can endure both your pets, as well as you forgetting to water it a couple of times! These popular plants prefer lower light spots in your home (or at work) and don’t need much water. They’re also one of the best plants for purifying air, so you’ll be able to breathe a little easier at home.

Boston Fern

A Boston Fern is a little mass of friendly fronds. They’ll help create a lovely vibe in your home and they’ll also do well with your other housemates… your pets! A Boston Fern will thrive in a cool spot with indirect light. They also do better in high humidity, with regular spraying. The Boston Fern looks fantastic in our Billy planter, a minimal classic, which is available in 6 colours.

Lipstick Plant

A Lipstick Plant, named for its bright red blooms, is safe for both your cat and your dog. It lives for bright light, does well outside in warmer weather, and will add a little splash of colour to your bedroom or living space.


Orchids scream elegance. They’ll flower about once a year but never fear – these flowers are safe for your pets just in case they decide to have a little nibble. These flowers love partial light, with water twice a week in warmer weather. If well cared for, the flowers can last about four months.

Picking out a pet-friendly plant for home has never been easier. And with the Good Pot Co range, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect pot.