5 plants that can actually relieve anxiety

Plants have been long regarded as nature’s healers, creating cleaner air, and thriving ecosystems. But did you know they have a positive impact on your mental health? In fact, research has shown that interacting with plants reduces anxiety.

If you’re considering adding plants to your space to relieve your anxiety, here are 5 of the best to choose from.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a natural air purifier, excellent at removing airborne toxins from your home or your workplace. There’s also a strong connection between the Peace Lily and spirituality, particularly in ancient Chinese culture.

While the Peace Lily may look delicate, it has deep roots and is much more durable than it appears… making it a lovely reminder that you too, are stronger than you might think.

Boston Ferns

The Boston Fern is a happy burst of fronds, and always pleasing to the eye. This makes it a very soothing companion, as research has shown time and time again that simply looking at plants can reduce stress and relieve anxiety and depression.

These beauties do very well in rooms with more moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Don’t forget to grab a cute pot for your fern too – we recommend the Eliza planter, which will really complement those fantastic fronds.

Snake Plants

Like the Peace Lily, the Snake Plant will have a very positive impact on the quality of air in your space. In fact, it has the special ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen throughout the night!

Snake Plants are constantly looking up to the skies, which is a great reminder that we should do the same. Looking up to the stars reminds us that we’re part of something bigger and can help to put our everyday stressors into perspective.

English Ivy

English Ivy is a very attractive, enthusiastic climber. These plants are also really effective at removing mould spores from the air around them. This is great news because mould can actually contribute to making you more anxious, through toxicity and repeated exposure.

Caring for your English Ivy will involve some gentle trimming, on top of the regular watering and feeding. This activity can be particularly soothing, helping you relax and lessen the symptoms of your anxiety.

Jasmine Plant

The Jasmine Plant is a special addition to any home but if you struggle with anxiety, it’s a must. This is because the scent of the Jasmine Plant actually interacts with the brain, calming the nerves and helping to combat anxiety and mild depression.

What’s more, some studies actually found that the scent of the Jasmine Plant was even more effective at promoting better sleep than anxiety medications and sleeping pills. And we all know how important a good night’s sleep is for mental health.

Houseplants truly are magical beings. These five can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety, enabling you to relax and recharge in your own time.