Product Care

What’s a cache pot?

The Good Pot Co. range of paper latex pots are cache pots, which means they don’t have drainage holes, which helps to protect your furniture from water overflow damage. Our range is designed to fit nursery or grower pots, so simply drop your favourite indoor plant complete with its grower pot into your Good Pot Co. vessel, and voila! You’re on your way to transforming your home into an instant plant jungle.

As our paper latex pot collection is fully compostable, we advise against planting directly into these pots as they may start to biodegrade after a few months. Plus, planting directly into a cache pot means that the plant won’t receive the drainage it needs and could become waterlogged, which is something no plant parent wants to see! It is also for the above reasons why our range of paper latex pots are designed for indoor use only.

What about watering?

Glad you asked. The easiest way to water your plants when using cache pots is to remove them from their decorative pots and water them in the sink, shower or outside. Once your plant babies are finished draining, simply pop them back into their cache pots.

Although our pots are made from paper, they are protected with latex, so you can still spray your plants with a light mist of water when needed. Just avoid letting your pots become too wet, and if you notice excess water pooling in the bottom of your pots, simply tip it out.

How do I use the in/out drainage plug?

Most of our Ecopots range comes with a purpose-designed drainage plug, which gives you the ultimate versatility as to how and where you use your pot. If you’re cultivating a living room plant jungle and intend to use your Ecopot indoors, you can simply leave the plug in (make sure it’s nice and tight), and use the pot as a cache pot by dropping in your favourite plant in its nursery pot. This will help protect your floors and furniture from excess water overflow.

Or if you’re planting up outdoors, remove the drainage plug, this allows excess rainwater to drain away freely, preventing your precious plant from becoming waterlogged.

Can I use a saucer?

Absolutely! We have a range of matching saucers available for our Ecopots range. If you choose to use a saucer you can remove the drainage plug, letting excess water drain into the saucer. Just make sure you keep an eye on how much water is sitting in your saucer so it doesn’t overflow onto carpets and flooring.

My pot came with a water reservoir, how does it work?

Let’s face it, we all struggle to keep up with our plants’ hydration needs from time to time. But with a water reservoir fitted, you can worry less about giving your plant too much or too little water. When you water your pot plant normally through the soil, any excess water will drain down into the reservoir.  When your plant gets thirsty it will provide itself with water available from the reservoir via capillary action. Isn’t it wonderful how nature works?